Zambia: Overland Zambia and The Border Crossing from Namibia

Border Crossing from Namibia to Zambia:

We elected to cross Katima Mulilo in Namibia to Sesheke in Zambia. It is one of the only two border crossings between these two countries.

Refuel first in Namibia as the furl is less expensive.

Vehicle Import and 3rd Party Insurance:

At the left is the approach to the Namibian border post.

Park up the vehicle and the offices are on the right.

Passports stamped and at the customs counter the carnet was signed out of Namibia.

We were then directed to the road tax/Cross border charge counter and asked for the paperwork that records your kilometres when we entered the country. This is because we are over 3500Kg. The officer looked at it made some notes and gave it back. ( I am sure we were supposed to pay a fee, but I was not going to argue! ) As we drove away from the offices , we were stopped at the gate and the road tax paperwork was checked again. I filled out the book with vehicle details etc and showed the road tax paperwork that was handed back to me. ???

We then drove to the Zambia border post.

From this point until we left the control area there were numerous money changes. I used them to change the last of our Namibian $$’s but elected to get Zambian Kwachas at the banks ATM.

Inside the building are all the counters with signs.


  1. 1.Immigration. Passports and the single entry visa US$50/person only payable in US$

  2. 2.Customs - Carnet was signed in. Here we also paid Carbon Tax of ZMW200 ( About US$20) only payable in ZMW. This depends on the size of the motor. 3Lt is ZMW200 above 3Lt is ZMW275.

  3. 3.RTSA - Road Transport & Safety Agency. This is road tax. It seems to be calculated on distance. he asked where we were going and I replied “Livingstone then Malawai” Charge was US$20 ( payable in USD) The fancy form supplied said Katima-Mulilo - through out Zambia - Round trip - 1900Kms. So not sure about the ‘round trip’ He said we needed to pay again in Livingstone so will see....

    ....We asked in Livingstone and all is OK, do not need to pay again.

    IN FACT. this piece of paper is used on ALL toll roads throughout Zambia.

    Just show at the toll booth and they will stamp. No need to pay again.

    In 3 weeks we travelled about 3,000kms and no issues.

  1. 4.Insurance - 3rd party only available for minimum of 2 months. ZMW750 ( about USD75) The company was SGI. Supplied an insurance document and a windscreen sticker.

We then departed the border area and drove past an open gate towards the next gate when I heard someone yelling from behind. We backed up and yet another charge. The Sesheke District Council charge. ZMW 50 ( approx USD5)

The final gate was a friendly check that we had paid the road tax.

We are now in Zambia.

No vehicle inspection, no meat or food restrictions, all very simple.

Travel in Zambia:

In Zambia you drive on the left.

Before and after most large towns are police check points. Most times they just waved us through. Other times just wanted a chat. Never a problem and never asked to look at paperwork.

Trucks indicate with the left blinker when it is safe to pass. This is OPPOSITE to further south.

Police do use speed cameras, and many places as not speed signed posted but the rumble strips as you head into town or near a railway crossing means 40 or 60KPH. 

It is law that you have white reflectors on the front bumper and red on the rear, 2 warning triangles and a fire extinguisher. However we were never asked to show these items.

We were only asked once in a suggestive way to pay a bribe at a police stop, which I declined and we were waved on.

In many places the road quality is great, in other pot holes and sharp road edges. Some pot holes are simply dangerous and are deep and sharp that potentially could destroy a tyre AND rim..

Also watch out for the speed bumps coming into villages, most are OK at 30KPH some sharp and require and almost complete stop !

Camping & Park Entry:

National park entry for foreigners and foreign vehicles is excessive. Payable in USD and 20-25/person and USD15 for the vehicle of 3Lts, USD20+ for bigger...PER DAY PRICES!

We found plenty of commercial camping places in the main towns.

In more remote areas we stayed with permission in Service Stations (no charge).

Like this Puma S/Station in Kitwe

We did though buy fuel and some snacks at the shop.

There are also truck parking areas for the transport industry. We are yet to try but the charge is ZWM30/night from signs we have seen.


As for supermarkets we found Shoprite better quality and bigger choice than Spar.


Diesel was ZWM10.76/Lt ( A$1.45) this is 500PPM.

Some places have 50PPM at ZWM 13.50/Lt

These prices are about 30% higher than in Namibia.

Diesel was the same price across the country


Easy to get from most camping areas.


We used MTN. and paid about US$20 for 3 Gb for a month.

Service was good in and around even small towns but in between nothing.


Zambia is a known Malaria area. We take Doxycycline tablets every day as recommended by our family doctor. Locally they do not believe this is correct and if they feel the symptoms of malaria then they take the drug Artemether +Lumefantrine sold under the name of as Coartem or Airalam Azevedos.  We also purchased the latter at a local chemist for US$5/packet as the Doxy is only 90% effective.

Malaria can kill you within 3 take care to cover up at night when this variety of mosquito is active.

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