Iveco Daily 4x4

The Iveco Daily 4x4 is built as a serious 4x4 from the ground up

At the Australian launch in mid 2012 I had an invitation to thoroughly go over the evaluation units that had just arrived into Melbourne, Australia, with Iveco’s Application Engineer.

Wheelbase:          3,400 mm

GVM:                    4,495 kg or 5,200 kg

GCM:                    8,000 kg

Kerb wt Front:     1,725 kg

Kerb wt Rear:        820  kg

Total Kerb wt:      2,548kg

Front axle cap:     2,450 kg

Rear axle cap:      3,700 kg

Load capacity:     1,950 kg or 2655 kg

Height:                  2,597 mm

The Chassis is impressive in its cross section. A 5mm thick high strength modified 'C' section with returns at top and bottom of the 'C'. This combined with a number of (FE490) tubular cross members makes a rigid structure capable of handling the most severe terrain.

The Suspension is based around some extremely flexible parabolic leaf springs that permit impressive wheel travel. This flexibility gives good stability and traction even in the most undulating ground. The telescopic shock absorbers and the anti-roll stabilisers give good even ride over varying terrain.

The Drive Train looks incredibly solid, and everything is well protected. Both front and rear differentials incorporate permanent four wheel drive with differential locks.

The transfer case splits the power 32% to the front and 64% to the rear. A centre lock is also standard.

All three lockers are electronically operated from the dash. With all three engaged, all wheels, front, rear and on both sides are locked to the same speed.

The vehicle has a six speed gearbox and the transfer case offers two reduction gears ( 1:1 and 1:1.3). The net result of this is 24 forward gears and 4 reverse.

ABS is standard but automatically disengaged when any of the three diff locks are activated.

PTO outlets are available from both the gear box and transfer case.

The Cab. The only part that is Daily related is the cab, and even that sits 400mm back on the chassis to improve the forward approach angle.

Inside the cab is heaps of storage.

All over the dash, throughout both doors, and in the overhead consul is storage.

The driver and passenger suspension seating was great and easily adjustable to the required weight. Visibility was very good.

Just as a glimpse of the thought process, a horizontal mirror is provided on the passenger side so the driver can see the terrain at the front LH wheel.


The vehicle comes standard with 9.5R17.5 tyres and is speed limited to 120kph.

With the optional 36.5” Michelin XZL’s on split rims it is speed limited to 100kph.

I have currently under manufacture replacement 17x9” rims load rated at 1850Kg. These will be available end of February 2013

Colour: The vehicle is available ex factory in 20 standard Iveco Daily colours.

Australian Colour List.pdf  or Vehicle colours.pdf

The Motor is a Euro 5 EEV homologated 170HP 3.0 litre 16 valve common rail, twin turbo diesel.

This meets the strict current European and Australian emission standards. Fitted as standard is an optimised EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) with DPF (diesel particulate filter). Unlike the Isuzu’s this operates automatically when the engine is hot.

Iveco still produce the older technology Euro 3 motor in this vehicle for the African market only.

Alternator is 140 Ah with an optional 180 Ah. 

Access to the engine is easy and I was surprised at the amount of room around and about the engine bay. This is a pleasant change to most modern European vehicles.

There has been a three year delay in releasing this vehicle into the Australian market. This is because the previous model had a problem with the transfer case. This was rectified in the current model and has been in the European and the African market for over three years. Now that this has been thoroughly tested Iveco Australia are confident of the product for use in our tough local conditions.

So much so, that the parts and labour warranty is 36months or 200,000 Kms  - impressive.


Single cab around $ 85,000 incl GST with std on road 9.5R 17.5 tyres and single suspension driver seat

Dual cab around $ 95,000 incl GST with std on road 9.5R 17.5 tyres and single suspension driver seat

Herewith details of the Australian model which will give a bigger insight into what to expect

Single Cab Specifications.pdf

Single Cab Brief Specifications.pdf

Dual Cab Specifications.pdf

Dual Cab Brief Specifications.pdf

This is a link to some good information from Iveco UK:

The company TravelTrucks Pty Ltd now markets the Iveco Daily 4x4 cab chassis, A Ute version, an Explorers/Work Module and the Expedition Pop-top Camper.

TravelTrucks is already the largest on-seller of Iveco Daily 4x4’s in Australia.

Under special arrangements with Iveco Australia, the TravelTruck’s Iveco 4x4 vehicles are built to our specifications at the Iveco manufacturing plant in Italy and then modified by us here in our factory in Brendale/Brisbane.  

The ScrubMaster Off Road Motor Home is built for adventure. If your idea of the perfect escape is heading overland,  exploring the Kimberley’s, or driving through the remotest reaches of Mongolia – then the ScrubMaster Expedition will get you there safely and in comfort.

ScrubMaster’s Off Road Overland Camper is small enough to tackle the tight tracks of Cape York, be aerodynamically fuel efficient, and fit into a standard 40’ high cube shipping container so you can ship it anywhere in the world. On the inside ScrubMaster offers copious storage and has enough features for you to tackle the wildest expeditions in complete comfort and security

The ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Explorer - Single or Dual Cab is designed with a lightweight module for serious work during the week and on weekends a rugged module for exploring those hard to get to places. The module is made strong from a one-piece fibreglass mould and mounted to our kinetic sub-frame suspension for long-term durability.

ScrubMaster Iveco 4x4 Ute - Single or Dual Cab

The Need a light commercial 4WD truck or larger 4WD ute ? Need a bigger payload than a standard ute can provide ?

The ScrubMaster 4WD Iveco Ute will deliver the payload you need, whatever the terrain.

TravelTrucks specialise in Iveco and have designed and manufacturer a complete accessory list for this impressive vehicle.

Contact or phone 1800 743 435 to arrange a Test Drive

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